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October 2022 Newsletter

Brian Whelan discusses, “President Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act into Law”.Annemarie Aguanno takes a look at, “IRS Urges Business Owners to Take Advantage of Tax Benefits for 2022”.Tracy Tasch examines, “IRS Warns Taxpayers of Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2022Help Payers Correct Backup Withholding Errors”

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June 2022 Newsletter

Salvatore Russo discusses, “IRS Dispels Common Tax Refund Myths”.Thomas Zanata takes a look at, “IRS Provides Reasons Why Some Tax Refunds Filed Electronically Take Longer than 21 Days”.Lee Forman examines, “IRS to Send Notices to Help Payers Correct Backup Withholding Errors”

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March 2022 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “No Filing Deadline Extension Recommended Despite IRS Backlog – NTA”.Steve Grgas takes a look at, “Simplified Return Filing Procedures Let Individuals Claim 2021 Child, Recovery Rebate and Earned Income Credits”.Angelica Farrell examines, “IRS Begins 2022 Tax Season and Issues Tips for a Smooth Filing Season”.

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February 2022 Newsletter

Andrew Presti takes a look at, “IRS Highlights Online Tools and Resources Ahead of Tax Filing Season.” Salvatore Russo examines, “2022 Inflation Adjustments for Pension Plans, Retirement Accounts Released”. Elias Koumniotes discusses, “State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Program Final Rule Issued”.

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December 2021 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “PPP Tax-exempt Income Timing and Basis Adjustment Guidance Issued”. Steve Grgas examines, “IRS Releases 2022 Inflation-Adjusted Tax Tables, Standard Deduction, AMT and Other Amounts”. Lee Forman takes a look at, “Guidance Released for Tax Treatment and Reporting Requirements for HAF Payments”.

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